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Upgrade to strong, unique passwords and seamlessly sync them across your devices.

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Protect yourself against the most common breach.

We can no longer depend on sticky notes and reused passwords with minor tweaks to keep our accounts secure. We rely on them too much.

5 Billion accounts hacked, and counting
If one account is hacked, they all get hacked
Weak or hacked passwords cause 81% of data breaches

All your accounts in one secure place.

Add all your accounts and change to strong and unique passwords.

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Some jobs are for computers.

It's not your job to create and remember passwords. That's what our apps are for.

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Enforcing strong and unique passwords
69.4 bits of entropy 1
No human interference
1 Entropy is a way of measuring the strength of a password. This is 454,592,928 times harder to crack than what a human produces on average.

Bring your passwords anywhere.

Sign in on websites and apps by simply being you.

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Sign in on websites with one click.

Autofill and Sign in on websites with the push of a button, regardless of what browser you are using.

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Private by design

Encrypted with three credentials, giving you a Zero Trust architecture.

Security design that enforces privacy through encryption and proven mathematical principles.

Master Password, Account ID and Secret Key
Locally generated and stored
End-to-End encrypted


Powered by the webs most advanced cryptography.

We believe it's important to keep our fundemental parts open for security experts to review.

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WebCrypto from W3C
500,000 iterations of PBKDF-2